5 Reasons Or Advantages Of Laser Printer Over An Inkjet Printer Or Vice Versa

We are in the digital world today!! So nowadays choosing the right printer with Marking System from two types is being eased. Here are some advantages&disadvantages of laser printer as well as inkjet printer.

Laser Printer:



  • Speed: A laser printer can turn out more no. of pages more quickly than an inkjet printer can.
  • Low Cost: Toner costs for the laser printer is more less than the replacing the inkjet printer cartridges.
  • Quiet Operation: A laser printers are mostly quieter than the inkjet printer which is the main thing in a quiet office environment.
  • Best Quality Text: No inkjet printer can ever turn out black text & line graphics as crisply as a laser printer can.
  • Durability: Laser printers have a tendency to be more durable as their design is aesthetic and futuristic so it allows to work for a longer time than an inkjet printer.


  • Expensive: A color laser printers are expensive in the sense of printing images which are shiny or have artificial look.
  • Larger in size: A Laser printers are larger and heavier in weight as they have drum and laser technology.

Inkjet Printer:  



  • Versatility: A color inkjet printer can print on many kinds of media like craft paper,        T-shirt transfers, any printable CD/DVD discs.
  • Smaller Size: This occupies small space on your desktop.
  • Larger Paper Sizes: If you have more to spend, you can add a large-format inkjet printer to your system which can print 11-x-17 inch or large items.
  • Good Quality Image or Photos: High end printers are capable of producing good quality photos and images when it uses special papers.
  • Light weight: its light weight as compare with a laser printer.


  • Slower: it is slower than a laser printer especially when printing text documents.
  • Frequently refill cartridge:  The ink cartridges have to be replaced quite frequently.

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